Running events can be like spinning plates on sticks: they all need attention at some point, and failure to attend to any one can lead to a mess. Here are some starter questions which can help us solve the question about what your event will need:

What are we amplifying?

Are we putting two microphones on a podium? Are we mixing several bands? Are we providing sixteen headset mics for a musical?

How many people need to hear it?

Are we trying to cover a lecture hall with several hundred, or do we need rock concert levels for several thousand?

Where is the event?

Not just the address, but what kind of space? Are we in a ballroom, a theater, a football field, in the middle of the woods? (We've done all of these.)

What electrical power is nearby?

For all practical purposes: Sound=Electricity. If you don't have enough power, you won't have enough sound. Thankfully, generators are easy to come by.


We might have more questions later, but being able to answer these questions can help put us on track to best help you.